About Us

A little of
our history

Coronado Construction is one of the last old world construction companies that still believes that the best construction is done from the foundation up by the same group of tradesmen. The business was started in the 1990’s by Kaya Pekerol but then turned into a father and son business in 2002 when his son, Corey, joined him with his same passion for craftsmanship and building.

The business was, and still is, based in the San Gabriel Valley, but with the addition of his son to the business, project locations then expanded south into Orange County and as far north as Oxnard. Both father and son agreed that the long lost art of being able to have one set of tradesmen complete an entire job from start to finish needed to be revived. The two set out to bring together the best quality craftsmen, including themselves, to build projects from foundation up through finish work.

They are true believers that if you are responsible for the finish carpentry and cabinetry, then you will make sure that you have the best foundation and framework to be able to craft the best end product possible. This belief system has allowed them to weed through the mediocre craftsmen in the business and comprise a team that will expedite a project quicker, more efficiently, and with a higher degree of workmanship than most construction companies in the area. This allows them, due to this construction method, to be onsite daily and manage the project first hand. Another benefit of our construction method is that it allows the client more access to us at all points of the construction process.

At Coronado Construction, our reputation is the only thing that keeps us in business and we are highly dedicated to maintaining, as well as increasing our reputation as a fine home-builder. Our reputation is also our sole method of advertising, as we acquire most of our business through referrals from past and present clients. We have built an extensive list of referrals that are available upon request to allow our clients privacy. Whether you are doing a small kitchen or bath remodel or a custom home, you’ll get the same level of devotion to craftsmanship, quality, and service.